Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook for 25 January 2010

Outside my window...5:28 and dark, 38 degrees.  We are heading toward another blast of cold this week.

I am thinking…about Madeline Therese.  I saw Cindy's husband Dale and the rest of the kids at Mass yesterday and I felt a bit badly for little Abbie Clare, the next youngest, who is about 18 months old.  I'm sure she misses her Mama.  It's good, though, that she has such a large family...she certainly isn't lacking love and attention!

I am thankful for…my children.  I can't imagine life without them, even though I didn't have my first one until the age of 35.  Don't think that saying this means that I don't scream at them and that I feel loving every minute of the day--sometimes, in fact, I really do like to try to imagine life without them!--but truly, I find thinking about life after they have all left rather depressing.  Thankfully, since I will be homeschooling until I'm 64, I may not have to worry too much about that...

From the kitchen...I''m thinking muesli.  I put the quick oats in the bowl and the kids add the almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, dried apple, cranberries, raisins and dates as they wish.  It actually turns out to be more like trail mix with a few oats and some milk...

I am creating…the second glove of the second set I'm making for Adrian.  I want to finish it this morning so that I can move on to baby things.  I want to make a hat and booties for Maddie, but if I have time, I would also like to make a couple of extra sets for a few more NICU babies.

I am reading ... yikes, I haven't even finished the books I've been reading, and the Fathers of Mercy had a table out after Mass with books for the taking, and now I have 4 more books to read.  One of them is this.  I'm interested in it because I, too, was very wrapped up in the new age and occult philosophies when I was younger. 

I am continue adjusting my schedule to make it work; that some work comes in for Bret, who is between jobs again, and that Madeline continues to do well!

I am hearing…absolutely nothing.  Which is why I rise at 4:30 every morning.  I need some quite before I am plunged into chaos!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Gabriel and I are getting our hair trimmed today.  I usually cut his hair, but it is so thick that I always dread it.  So today he will have it done by someone who knows how to cut his hair in less than 45 minutes!  I will try to tackle the other boys myself.  Trip to the library today as well.  I have some cooking to do for Cindy's family, and knitting to work on.  The highlight of the week will be a trip to Louisville (about a 3 1/2 hours' drive) next Saturday to see Cindy and Madeline!

I am praying...for Cindy's family, of course, and for my own sister and unborn niece.  For St. Joseph to toss more work our way.  And there are a number of people I only know through this blog for whom I pray daily as well.  And although I do pray for the people of Haiti, I will admit it is an after-thought.  Without TV, radio or newspapers, I'm not bombarded with images of devastation.  Frankly, I feel that the whole world is praying for Haiti right now, while those for whom I pray do not have world-wide attention...

Picture Thought:    I know, I know...but I can't help myself!

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  1. Precious baby in this post. What an adorable picture. I also love your blog background with the heart pins. That is too cute. Have a great week!

  2. I liked your 'I am thankful for'. I'm sure most Mothers have felt that way at one time or another.
    I've not seen any news coverage of Haiti either.
    You surely must be a morning person to be up so early. I wish I was.
    I enjoyed visiting here this morning.
    Mama Bear

  3. I will pray for Bret to find work. St. Joseph is a particular favorite of mine (I have a daughter who was born on his feast day after praying to him EVERY day during my pregnancy with her... did I tell you that already?), so I, too, will ask his intercession.

    I know how you feel about your children. I was talking to a friend over lunch yesterday, and I had taken Marin along. I told her I cannot imagine reaching the stage of life where the nest is empty. I have had babies in my 20's, 30's, and 40's. I hope there is always a little one in the house (maybe a grandchild or two ;-). Like you, though, we have our days when I would like to run away and never look back!

    So glad you will get to see baby Madeline. You are a good friend. I placed them on our prayer vine and have gotten many responses from friends wondering if they were local, if they could help.

    Have a good week. Back to school.

    Peace and prayers

  4. My grandmother has always knit preemie hats for her local hospital. The parents and the NICU nurses love to be able to put things on the preemies that actually fit. I'll be praying for your friend and her baby.

  5. I cannot cut my sons' hair any longer; their hair is so thick now plus they like to wear it more sylishly than I am capable of creating =]

  6. You have such a lovely blog. I am praying for all those you mentioned needing prayers.

    What an adorable picture to end your post with. :)

  7. Such a sweet baby. I had my last baby when I was 33. I love muesli. I have never tried it with dried apples. I always just grate a fresh apple. I will have to try the dried ones. Doylene


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