Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update on Madeline Therese, January 24th

I just received--minutes ago--an update from Cindy. Here is most of it:

Dear Friends,

I am taking a quick break to give everyone an update. There's a computer at the Ronald McDonald house where I'm staying, thankfully it's two blocks from the hospital so if the weather permits I can walk to the hospital in the morning, then walk back before it gets dark, have the evening meal that's provided here for the families staying here and then I go back to the hospital until usually around 9, give or take.

First, I want to thank you so much for the prayers. They mean so very much to Dale and I and our family, it's certainly what's gotten us through this week. Everything was so unexpected when I had to be rushed up to Nortons last Sunday, but God has blessed us in so many ways that are too numerous to mention. We are just so very blessed to have our little Madeline, she's been such gift to our family. I'm so very grateful to be able to be here with her. My family at home and having this place to stay makes that possible, and for that I am so happy. I know that Madeline will grow better and perhaps faster with me here with her. I will never be able to truly say how grateful we are to God for her and to all of you for the many prayers. May God bless you with many special blessings.

Madeline weighed 1lb. and 12 oz. last night, they weigh her each night; she of course lost some weight at first, she has been going between 1lb 11oz and 1lb 10oz for a few days, but yesterday she was up to 1lb 12oz, so that was exciting. She still has oxygen, but it's not a lot and they say to just be off the ventilator already is a great thing, so we are very pleased. Her heart test was good, she only has a small murmur that should correct itself. The scan of her brain looked good as well. She was given my milk for the first time on Friday, a very small amount, 1 cc every four hours, but today because she was doing okay with that she was upped to 2 ccs every three hours; that's what keeps me the busiest, pumping milk for her every two to three hours, mostly around the clock, she receives the milk through a feeding tube right now. I was able to hold her for the very first time yesterday. It was so wonderful, they laid her on my chest and I held her for around 45 minutes, today I was able to hold her a little longer. The doctor commented that she liked that and I told him I did, too [my emphasis :)]. She really seems to be doing great she just needs lots of prayers, love and time to grow. I realize though that any little thing can effect her because she's so little so that's why I ask that you keep up the prayers for her. That's all I can think of for now, I will do my best to send updates when I can...

Thank you, and my love and prayers to all of you as well. In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,
Cindy & family


  1. Oh Nadja, prayers, prayers, prayers! I got all choked up when she talked about holding her little Madeline. I am going to place her on our prayer vine... I should have done it before now. Peace, Annita

  2. Thanks for the update. That is wonderful news. To be gaining weight, and already off the vent! WHOO HOO! I will continue to pray. This is such a LONG and difficult journey. So glad to hear Cindy is holding up so well. Please let her know we are praying, praying, praying. . .


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