Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Old House

No, not our house.  Our house is a circa 1972 charmless white brick ranch.  Moving into it from our gorgeous little 1920's bungalow in Charlotte, NC--with it's lovely porch, 9' ceilings, wood floors and glass doorknobs--was depressing.  But our current home has space enough for all the kids, and we are in the country rather than the city as we were.

This house is one we pass every Sunday on our way to Mass in Kentucky.  I've always wanted to photograph it, but never had my camera.  Bret thankfully reminded me of my resolution to take the camera with me wherever I go.


  1. Wouldn't you love to have the time, money and energy to fix up a beautiful home like that, and make it livable again?

  2. Oh, poor house. The stories it could tell... We love old houses -- and are consistently suckered into buying them. A good and bad thing. The detailing on the porch just makes this house, doesn't it? But I shudder to think what the foundation looks like...

  3. VERY cool! Probably FULL of raccoons and nasty varmints now but you can almost see the shades of barefoot yung'uns on thet porch churning the butter or cranking some ice cream cantchoo? Nice resolution too--mine was to start using rechargeable batteries again to save some bucks-ended up "saving" myself from having to download all those pesky pics because the batteries are never charged and last for about 6 shots.

  4. I love old houses, especially ones of that era. I'm glad mine is in a bit better shape though. :)

  5. Dear Nadja,
    I would love to fix it up and give it a beautiful garden and lovely memories to hold within.
    Such potential!!!!
    God Bless

  6. I actually remember about 14 years ago, when the old couple who owned that house would sit on their porch in their rockers. It was still dilapidated then, but more so now. But now it looks lonely, too.

  7. I'm in love!! That house is incredible! If only I could win the lottery, one thing I would love to do is buy up old property like this and restore it to it's original glory!! Oh if only...


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