Monday, January 18, 2010

Another prayer request...

My dear friend Cindy, whom I've mentioned many times on this blog, went into labor yesterday morning and went to the hospital. She was given magnesium to try to stop things, but then last night her water broke and she was at 5 cm., and there was no turning back.

Madeline Therese was born around 2 a.m. 2 lbs 1 oz, 13 1/2" and will be 27 weeks old tomorrow, I think. She was baptized by the nurse as soon as she came out, and is in stable condition.

Cindy's home is about 2 hours' drive from the NICU in Louisville, KY, and she has 8 kids at home (plus a daughter who is with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word), ranging in age from 17 years down to 18 months. Please do keep them in your prayers if you will. They have been going through many hardships lately, and it is only by the grace of God that they are managing to keep it all together right now.

May God return the favor to you in your time of need.


  1. Praying for Cindy, little Madeline Therese and the rest of her family.

  2. May God uphold her family and her in this difficult time. May God help this new baby.

  3. Me and my family will pray for this family and their strength and healing.

  4. I was in the convent with Sr. Joseph Marie for a while -- I'm sorry to hear that things have not been going well for Cindy's family, and I'll be praying for little Madeline! Do they have an e-mail address to be able to keep in touch? If so, please pass my address on to them, or vice versa: - I would greatly appreciate it! (I used to be Sr. Mary Faustina when I was there)

  5. I will offer my rosary today for this precious baby and her family. God bless

  6. O Nadja - I was only just catching up with you - so very sad. I will be praying and praying. Nick and Andrew my 31 weekers will be praying too. NICUs now are really really good - it will just be a long haul and rollercoaster for Cindy and her family. We will be saying special prayers and seeking the intercession of the Little Flower - we will say the Rose Novena several times a day. Abby's patron in Saint Therese - she says she will pray especially.

  7. We'll be praying for them. I saw Cindy in passing on New Year's Day at the Fathers of Mercy and didn't even realize she was expecting.

  8. I want to thank everyone for your continued prayers. I will try to update on the situation now and then as I hear anything myself. I know firsthand how the prayers of others sustained me in those moments when life got so crazy that I had trouble praying for myself.

  9. Praying for this precious baby!!!

  10. God bless your good friend and her sweet baby girl!

    Please pass this on to her:

    My niece, Sienna Catherine, was born at 26 weeks gestation, weighing a mere 1 lb., 12 oz. at birth. 12 inches long, her father's wedding ring fit loosely around her upper arm.

    This was ten years ago...

    Today, Sienna is a beautiful, brilliant, healthy little girl, much loved by her whole family and a blessing to everyone who knows here. Her only setback was visual...bleeding in her eyes due to oxygen pressure, required laser correction. Sienna wears glasses...just like the rest of her family and suffers no other issues related to her extreme prematurity.

    As you can guess by her name, her father prayed daily at St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church, begging the good saint's intercession. They named Sienna accordingly.

    God bless the whole family...they are in our prayers!


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