Thursday, November 19, 2009


I don't know what it is about this time of year, but it always makes me think of gnomes, and my toy-searches among the Waldorf-influenced shops and blogs have brought me into contact with a bunch of these little red-capped fellows.

I did this simple (5 minute) watercolor miniature yesterday (yep, I know that the shadows are going the wrong way, but I was too lazy to redo it).


  1. I would have never noticed the shadows... I am just impressed by your creativity and talent! My little baby girl was a garden gnome for Halloween and, of course, adorable! Have a nice evening.

  2. This is gnome-azing! I <3 it!!!

  3. Dear Nagda,
    You are so talented. I wish I could draw and paint.
    I noticed in this post and your Small Successes you are researching Waldorf making items.
    As we are making all our presents this year , posted on this, I was wondering if you could share ( email me if you like) some of the resources and sites.
    I have missed hearing from you lately. I hope all is well
    God Bless

  4. i never would've noticed the shadows either.
    i am not "smart" like that.
    i just see a darling little gnome from the hand of a very talented mama.
    i'd love to do your cookie swap.
    but i am so overdone right now.
    maybe when i get back if it's not too late...
    wishing you and yours a wonderful thanksgiving, dear sweet nadja.


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