Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small Successes--volume 44

It hasn't been a banner week, really. It's been one of those weeks when I seem to be running constantly and not getting much done. I actually decided to let the kids just do art and creative stuff yesterday in order to try to catch up with cookie dough, mending and ironing--and I ended up doing none of those things! I need a motivational kick in the pants, I think! What I have done this week:

1) I have been reading Pinocchio to the older boys. Not the sugared, Disney version by any means! This is the original Collodi tale, and it is not for sensitive little ones. In the original tale, Pinocchio gets into trouble because he is a disobedient, ornery little cuss and not because he is merely naive. He is completely self-centered, and when scolded by an old, wise cricket, he throws a hammer at the offending insect and kills him! He also gets his feet burned off early on in the book and has to have Geppetto remake them. The boys groaned when I told them I was going to read this book to them, but now they groan when I have to put it down.

2) I am seaming Una's sweater. Slow going, as I really hate seaming. I also made a sweater in colors matching hers for her American Girl-type doll. Unable to contain my knitting mania, I will begin a pair of longies for Gemma in natural Lion's Brand Fisherman Wool and I may also start on a little hat for her (I keep trying to do these pilot-style caps I love, looking for a pattern that a novice knitter like myself can handle) and some fingerless gloves for the boys.

3) I have been creating a picture file of handmade toys--mostly wood--that Bret and I could pretty easily make. We are constantly trying to come up with things for Bret to make at home, and I noticed, while looking at Waldorf-influenced toys, that there are a number of them that would be easy to make. I'm hoping there's an Etsy shop in our future!

Other than that, I've only kept up with laundry and managed one batch of cookie dough for the freezer, but I'm off to make up another while the baby naps and the kids watch a dvd.

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  1. Consider yourself "cyber kicked"!

    Wow, knitting, sewing, woodworking, homemade cookie dough... I'd say you have been quite successful. Oh, and reading to your boys... my kids, even the older ones, love it when we read a book as a family.


  2. I can't wait until mine are old enough to read "chapter books." I get tired of chuck the Dump Truck and books of that sort. I am ready for Little House on the Prairie!


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