Saturday, November 21, 2009

What I was doing instead of posting

Isn't this cap adorable? The pattern is Aviatrix from Just Jussi, and it was really quite easy. I haven't blocked it yet, so I'm hoping I can stretch it a bit bigger.

The cardigan was made by a friend for Sebastian. and the buttons were a gift from another friend, and were given to me many years before I was even married.


  1. How talented you must be! Very nice

  2. Nadja, you are so talented! The cap is precious, especially surrounding those chubby little cheeks! I noticed the buttons immediately... have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Such talent! And a great design, too - minimal fabric in the drool zone!

  4. It's more a great design than any talent. I'm an "advanced beginner"--the pattern is easy!


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