Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings--20 January 2014

Right's after 10 a.m., sunny and cold.  We had a late breakfast since the kids were involved in building a dummy from Gabriel's camo clothing.  

I'm feeling a little bit limp, as I stayed up with Una--suffering a bit of teen angst--until after midnight, and still got up at 5, since I could't get back to sleep after the alarm.  After prayers and coffee, it was my intention to do at least a mile on the treadmill, and I wound up doing 3.  My gosh, I'm becoming an athlete in my old age!  I couldn't do the 12-minute-mile in high school without grabbing my sides in agony and gasping for air.  

It's going to be one of those days, I can tell.  The younger kids have been bickering on and off for most of the morning, and I'm hearing a lot of um, uncharitable talk.  

This weekend was...too quickly over.  In fact, the entire week went by in a flash.  I hardly have a memory of last week, except for a highlight or two.  On Saturday, Bret went into town to run errands and here I did laundry, put up some crock pot chili, showered and did a few other chores I can't seem to recall right now.  The goal was to get everything done before lunch so that I could find time to work on my writing and spend a little time reading as well.  And that is how I spent the afternoon.  

Mass yesterday was very nice, the nicer for friends of ours whom we've not seen in ages being there.  We had a few things to pick up at the store on the way home, and then at home we relaxed and I did a little more writing.  We watched an old movie from Netflix, and then, as I said, I stayed up way too late with Una.


Some plans for the week:  I'm not feeling terribly ambitious at the nonce.  If I can manage to get the skeins wound for the hat Adrian's requested for his birthday next month and write a stack of receipts into the checkbook, and get dinner done tonight, I'll be satisfied.  I may write a bit or read a bit (if I can keep my eyes open), or maybe play a board game or cards with the kids.  Right now, sitting here, I am yawning incessantly.

Other things I need to do: cast on and start knitting the above mentioned hat; pay some bills, maybe try my hand at homemade tortillas (my sister and I have been discussing this) and of course do school work with the kids.

If I find time for myself, I'd like to...just read and write, really.  But I need to squeeze in some knitting, too...

I'm grateful for...the internet.  I grew up without it and had to rely on the Encyclopedia Britannica and infrequent trips to the library for research.  It is nice having all the information in the known universe at my fingertips.  I love the internet.  There; I said it.  I'm grateful for health right now, and for the gift of music (how bleak my life would be without it!) and for books and our lovely hens.  And wine.  

Some prayer intentions for this week:  I have a lot of people for whom I'm praying.  My sister and two close friends are at the top of the list this week.  My sister awaits biopsy results from her colonoscopy, one friend is getting a biopsy to tomorrow, and another friend needs to have some mammogram pictures's all too much.  Thank goodness I also have some friends who are cancer survivors.

Something that makes me smile: her utter disregard for the mores of fashion.

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