Saturday, December 1, 2012


The first day of the last month of the year.  I don't even want to think about how quickly the last month--or even the last year--has gone by.  You'll have to forgive my neglect of this little ol' blog.

I've been filling orders for our Etsy shop (so grateful for the business--Bret's work has been a bit spotty, on and off, and it is so good to have a little coming in when there are so many additional expenses!), and this week I was getting ready for Gabriel's birthday.  My sweet boy is ten now, the first Tennessean of our kids, the first of three born in this house.

I spent the afternoon today bashing by brains out on the rafters in our attic crawlspace, digging out the Advent wreath and nativity scene figures.  The wreath was accidentally put away with candles, which melted onto it, and it is garbage now, so I will need to find another one somewhere.  I'll try to put out the figures tomorrow evening.

I'm making up a list this evening of things to do every day of Advent--making cards, cutting paper snow flakes, baking cookies, reading a favorite Christmas story or watching a Christmas movie...a little something for every day.  When I have it done, I'll try to be good and post it here.  I need to check out Catholic Icing and the Crafty Crow to fill in a few blank spots...

Have a great first Sunday of Advent!


  1. your son's face is perfect! what a smile.
    and that cake! awesome.
    happy birthday to your boy and happy birth day to you. :)

  2. Happy birthday and very nice advent time in the your family:)) Gabi from Slovakia

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear angel Gabriel! Great shots of both the birthday boy and his little sister too. Siblings have so much to celebrate on birthdays as well. (and hope your bashed brains feel better by now - sometimes you just remind me so much of me!) pax et bonum


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