Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings--26 November 2012

Right is nearly half past six and beginning to get light.  Bret has left to work, and all the kids are still abed.  It is very quiet.

This weekend...was a very nice Thanksgiving weekend.  My sister's family and my mother came over, and we had a delightful meal.  The weather was quite nice, and so the kids were able to go outside for a while as well.

Friday I did nothing, and no one else did anything either, except for Bret, who went up to the new house to put on siding.  The kids played and I sat in my chair and knit--finished one had and began another.  I browsed online for Black Friday sale items, but the kind of things I tend to purchase are never included in those sales!

On Saturday Bret took Una and Sebastian to the library and worked for a couple of hours on the house.  I made a batch of kombucha, made a turkey pot-pie, wrapped up a few orders that came into the Etsy shop, and took a shower.  In the evening we watched some old WWII movie Bret had gotten from the library.  I say "we", but I was shopping for a few Christmas gifts online, and didn't pay much attention to the movie.

Yesterday was a lovely Mass for the feast of Christ the King.  Dominic fell asleep during the Mass, and the rest of the gang was perfectly well behaved, which I do not take for granted.  It's not that they are dreadful, per se, only that they have a tendency to need to go to the bathroom [again] or get a drink, or inform me of various aches, pains and other bizarre symptoms that suddenly develop when we are at Mass.  We stayed after Mass longer than we wanted to, due to a book-giveaway (I'm such a glutton!) and our kids enjoying the company of their friends.

We did some grocery shopping before heading home, and once home I unpacked the groceries, printed out shipping labels for the Etsy orders, and then sit down to watch The Sandlot with the kids and work on my knitting.

Some plans for this week:  we are keeping the "normal" schooling to a minimum: math drills, handwriting, reading.  We will be doing a bit more "unschooling" from now until after Christmas, as there is always so much to be done this time of year.  On the agenda for this week: make my card list; make my baking list; try to find a few more gifts (I order just about everything, living as we do in a rural area); make a birthday card for my Goddaughter, whose birthday is on Friday; wrap gifts for Gabriel, whose birthday is on Friday; try to find my way through the mess in the attic crawlspace for access to our advent wreaths and nativity figures.  On Friday I'll be baking a birthday cake and wrapping gifts for our celebration Saturday.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...make a few Christmas gifts.  I am getting the knitting done, but I have a few other things I would like to make as well...

I am grateful, friends and family.  Those are the big ones, the ones that really matter.  On the less-important end of things, I am grateful for some sales in our Etsy shop this weekend.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for Gabriel and my Goddaughter; for the health of my children and Bret; for our friends to sell their house--which they've been hoping to do for a couple of years now--and for new friends,who are supposed to close on their house tomorrow; for my nephew Jamie who is under the weather; for blessed sleep: I have been having sleep problems again for the past couple of weeks.  I can't seem to get more than 5 and an half hours.  I really need seven to feel okay!  Last night I took valerian at 9:30, went to sleep at about 10 and was up again just after 11--and awake for over an hour.

Something that makes me smile: Gemma and her cousin Mariana

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! We are lightening up with school a bit, too, until after the holidays... and, we will be focusing more on Advent activities when it begins. Peace +JMJ+


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