Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The days of waiting

Every year Advent has come and gone with a lot less spirituality and a lot more fuss than I can feel good about.  But things are changing...my youngest is 3 1/2 now, so it is a bit easier to get things done.  My oldest kids are now old enough to give a hand with some of the preparations.  It's getting easier to enjoy Advent more without the anticipation of Christmas being bypassed in a blur.  Yes, I still haven't mailed or even written a single card, I have not yet baked a single cookie.  I still have some gifts to make and some to buy.  but I am just trying to pace myself and not go nuts.  Insanity is not a good way to celebrate the Incarnation.

Inspired by other bloggers, as I always am, I came up with a list of my own.  Mine is not it any sort of order, and certain items--reading books, watching Christmas movies or baking cookies--will be repeated a few times during Advent.

Things to do during Advent
Read the stories for our Jesse Tree and make ornaments for it
"Open" the days on the animated Advent calender from Jacquie Lawson
Unwrap and set up the nativity scene
Listen to Gregorian Chant for Advent
Create a seasonal story book basket (include books for O.L. of Guadalupe, St. Nicholas, St. Lucia, and the   Immaculate Conception)
Ask Papa about his favorite Christmas memory
Clear out our toy boxes and remove broken toys to the trash, and those no longer loved to the box to donate
Watch a favorite Christmas or winter-themed movie together
Read a favorite book together
Pick a gift to give from the World Vision catalog
Make Christmas cards for family members
Bake and/or decorate cookies
Make some batches of cocoa mix and chai mix
Go to a Christmas Parade
Buy and decorate the Christmas tree
Make birdseed ornaments for our feathered friends
Cut paper snowflakes to decorate the windows with
Rent The Nutcracker from Netflix

Some of our favorite Christmas movies:
Little Women
It's a Wonderful Life
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Polar Express

Jessica at Shower of Roses has the biggest list of St. Nicholas/Christmas books I think I've seen.  I definitely need to add some of these to our collection!


  1. I love your list! Mine is still in my head but it looks a lot like yours. Another great Christmas movie we love (one of many) is The Best Christmas Pagent Ever.

  2. And I love your tree countdown! Perfect for my guys :)

  3. You are as inspirational as all the other mommy bloggers! It sounds like a wonderful Advent list. Pretty pictures! +JMJ+

  4. I love the purple letters that spell "wait." Very dramatic and meaningful.


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