Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A busy Monday--but all is well

Bret and I made it out to vote this morning, and I managed to pray an entire rosary while standing in line.

Yesterday was exhausting--my friend Cindy spent Sunday night with us so that she could drive us to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  We left at 4:45 and made it there by 6:00 a.m.  Dominic was chatty and interested, right up until he put on his hospital gown and we were left to wait for the tardy surgeon for 45 minutes.  He became increasing quiet and still, and it wasn't until we had waited 40 minutes that a nurse brought him a video game to play with.  Well, that changed everything, let me tell you!  I could barely get his attention long enough to give him a kiss before they wheeled him off into surgery.

All went well.  He came out of the anesthesia beautifully, and didn't need any pain medication last night.  He is back to normal today--with frequent reminders from me to take it easy.  No horse-play for a couple of weeks (try telling that to a kid with 3 older brothers!)

As for Sebastian's dental appointment, it turns out that the broken tooth was actually a baby molar, albeit a very large one, so that was good news.  The dentist pulled three baby molars that ought to have fallen out ages ago, and although he was a bit sore last night and needed a little ibuprofen, he hasn't needed anything so far today.


  1. i am glad everything went well. what procedure did your son have to have?

  2. So happy all is well. You are fortunate to have such a good friend! Love the pictures... he's a cutie! +JMJ+


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