Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fishing before breakfast

My big boys got up early this morning so that they could go down to the pond and fish.  It was chilly, like a first taste of autumn.  They came back a bit before breakfast time with this nice bass.

Love living in the home schooling.


  1. That is wonderful! How fortunate they are to be able to life live in such a full way. Good for you and them to go down this road of life *and* education (should there be a difference?) together. Blessings from me to you and yours!

  2. I would not like having to deal with the fish that doesn't come in the house ready to cook as is, I still admire this life style. I bet you are surrounded by so much beauty.

  3. ok, that is cool. what did you do with it? just fry it up or something fancy?

  4. Actually, Neen, I don't deal with it either; I let my husband deal with it! He filleted it, and I am putting it aside until tomorrow; maybe the boys will catch another and it will be enough for dinner. If not, I'll make salmon patties and we'll divide up what bass we have. I usually just use milk, organic cornmeal and salt, and pan-fry it.

  5. Oh, John would be envious! Actually, all the kids would be. They all love to go fishing and do so quite often; however, it's not often they catch such a nice looking fish. When the day comes, my husband will spend his retirement on his little boat fishing! (I wonder why your posts have been updating so late on my homepage lately... this one just popped up now as I was checking my email this morning??) Have a good day. +JMJ+


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