Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings-17 September 2012

Right is just after 6 and still dark.  The kids seem to be awake, but thankfully not out of bed yet, although I have no doubt that they'll all be up and about in the next few minutes.  Sebastian will stay in bed, however, having a nice, thick book he is very involved with right now.

This weekend was...quite nice, but it passed much too quickly!  On Saturday I packed up an Etsy order for Bret to take to the post office, started some laundry, made pancakes for breakfast and showered.  Then I set about printing out school stuff for this week--Easy Grammar and Calculadder Drills.  I spent about an hour going over Una's annotations for her literary analysis course, which she says she is enjoying so far.  I really do think that this girl has a future with books, as she seems to love all aspects of reading and writing.

I bathed the little guys and managed to squeeze a very little time in for my own writing before rosary, after which we put on the second disk of Gods and Generals.  The kids are really getting to know quite a number of facts about the Civil War, and so am I!  I worked on my knitting as we watched.

I also got to taste my first batch of kombucha!  It is very nice...

Yesterday was nice...Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy, with Fr. Joseph Aytona, CPM celebrating.  As I have mentioned before, our family befriended him when he was a homesick novice, and it has been beautiful to watch him transform over the years into this marvelous, holy priest.  Una also made a new friend with a girl her own age from a family who will be moving near where we are building our new house, and this new friend seems to love many of the same things she does, so that of course made me very happy.

I managed a little more writing and knitting in the afternoon, but my knitting is upsetting me.  As always, I skipped the gauge swatch and I think the vest I am doing is too big for the intended recipient.  I am thinking of frogging 5 days' work and doing it over, and the prospect makes me feel a bit sick.

Some plans for the week:  School...we are keeping on track so far (wow, and we've been at it a whole two weeks!), and I am determined to press on with discipline!  I have things for making a rosary for Adrian's First Holy Communion, so perhaps I will try to get that done this week.  Otherwise it is pretty much about school and housekeeping this week.  But I am beginning to feel a bit panicky about how many photos I have on the computer.  It is time to stick them on a disk or USB and get the best of them printed out.  Really needs to be done, and I need a couple of hours for it...every week for a month, most likely!

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...knit.  I am not so fond of frogging, but I may just have to bit the bullet and do it.

I am grateful for...good priests, good friends, being able to see my sister's family at Mass, and so much more.

Some prayer intentions for the week: For Adrian as he prepares for his First Holy Communion; for my nephew Thomas, who turns 7 on Wednesday; for my nephew Matthew; for our country, as we draw nearer to election time, and for several friends who all seem to be going through some very challenging times right now.  God grant them healing and peace, and a strong sense of His providential care in their lives...

Something that makes me smile:  My sanding crew--getting an Etsy shop order ready to go out.

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