Thursday, September 20, 2012

This day thus far

  • Very lovely, sunny, cool, breezy weather
  • Packing up an Etsy shop order for the mail
  • Throwing in laundry
  • Gemma tripping in the schoolroom and getting 5 stitches
  • Trying to squeeze in some schooling 
  • One of the new hens getting confused and coming into the house
  • Big boys going to help Bret pull fences down on the KY property after lunch
  • Sipping Kombucha for a quiet moment and getting ready to go and finish school with the littles, laundry and a batch of butter.

It's been weird, folks, after two and a half weeks of sticking diligently to a routine to have a morning where everything seems to be out of whack.  Strangely, I think I needed it...

She made it from here to the dining room before we finally caught her!


  1. Totally relate. As I was quickly trying to straighten and clean-up the kitchen before getting into school with my 1st grader (thankfully everyone else can start on their own), I kept dropping or spilling, even after thoughtfully slowing myself down. The very worst was spilling the cooled pot of grape jelly over the stove! Or maybe the worst was my hair - I made an appt this morning and dashed out at lunch to have it quickly cut. Too short!!! I'm pretty sure it's PMS hormones. I told my husband never, ever to let me get my haircut right before my period. He's allowed to use force if necessary.

  2. My day was just annoying. Your, Katherine, qualifies a a real stinker! The jelly alone would have been enough to reduce me to a blubbering, self-pitying mess...

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  3. Aw, I hope Miss Gem is okay! Stitches where? Love the picture of the hen in the house! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. +JMJ+


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