Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Savoring summer

 I am seriously glad that I have not implemented a lesson plan this school year.  It is the first time I have done so, and rather than getting frantic and bent out of shape, as I thought would happen if I was to not have a plan and a schedule in place, I am finding it is quite the opposite.  Without a plan, I am able to say, "Yes, go down to the pond and go fishing this morning," without feeling that my well-laid plans are going to fall apart and there will be no catching up.

 We are really enjoying these last official days of summer, and yet looking forward to the wonderful season of autumn at the same time.

The worst of the heat has passed, along with the largest of the tomatoes and my basil, which went to seed a month ago already, in spite of my constant pinching back.  We are emptying the freezer of ice pops, and are less apt to opt for smoothies for lunch.

The pastures are looking a bit burnt, having lost their lushness.  We will bring in hay for Nuala, Fiona and Ruthie Weedeater soon.  Soon is the time for making Christmas lists and gifts.  Very soon will be the time for menu plans full of soups, stews and delights still warm from the oven.  Soon we will look for frost on the grass in place of dew, and  think about pullovers and hot cocoa and tea.

But not today.  Today we will eat ice pops and have an icy beer while hanging laundry in the bright sunshine.   Today we will delight in the taste of ripe strawberries and relish the cool darkness of the house after getting hot and sweaty outdoors.  Today we will savor the last days of summer, and hold on to their sweetness just a bit longer.

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  1. Sounds wonderful... a perfect ending to summer! My oldest daughter and I were just talking about fall/winter foods... big trays of lasagna, pot roasts, crock pot full of chili after soccer games, warm pies for dessert... Right now, though, the kids are still swimming, "school" is going great, all is good. Peace!



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