Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yarn Along--my solemn vow

Hello!  I am joining Ginny over at Small Things again this week for another Yarn Along.
As you can see from the above photos, Una's cardigan will be quite lovely when it is done, providing that first off it fits her, and secondly, I get it done.  Right now it feels like I have been knitting it forever. I didn't have much time to knit this past week.  And my vow?  Here it is:  I will never again knit the sleeves before the body of a sweater, even if the pattern calls for it!  I love this pattern and think that the results will be so pretty, but by the time I am on the second sleeve of a sweater I usually feel like I am in the home stretch, and here I am, starting the second sleeve, and I when I am done with it, I will still have the body and the button bands to do!  It is very disheartening...

I did knit a pair of baby Mary Janes in the meantime, just to feel as though I was getting somewhere on something!  But I think I am going to go ahead and cast on another project and work back and forth between the two.  I still have sweaters to do for Adrian and Gemma, so maybe one of these will help me feel a sense of accomplishment.

As for reading, we will hopefully finish reading our book on the Vikings this week.  I think I would like to begin Swallows and Amazons for the kids as a literature read-aloud.  With trying to read literature to them and also selections for our history studies, I don't have much time for reading myself right now.

If you enjoy knitting--or crocheting--and good books, stop by Ginny's Yarn Along for some inspiration!


  1. I can imagine how you must feel with all that knitting still to go - but it will indeed be beautiful - such a rich shade. We had a very interesting viking day yesterday at our local museaum - fascinating times. x

  2. Hang in there, you'll get it done. It will be so beautiful when it's finished. I had this same problem with a simple shawl I was doing. Through the summer, I didn't knit very much because of all the other things that needed to be done, but now that it's finished, YEAH! And I've started on something else.
    Blessings and have a nice week! :-)

  3. That yarn is so gorgeous, perfect colour for this time of year. I know what you mean about doing the sleeves too soon though, I always consider them the end of the knitting too ;)

  4. I always save sleeves for last because of what you said. I hope it feels like it is going super fast when you get to the body of the sweater, which is gorgeous!

  5. Love that red, so warm and pretty. Swallows and Amazons is one of my favorite books, you'll enjoy it, I'm sure!

  6. I feel the same way as you. When I reach the second sleeve, I'm generally in the home stretch, not only partial done.

    It is a beautiful sweater, though.

  7. We have enjoyed Swallows and Amazons so much [we read it over the summer] and I have got to order more of this series.
    I love your 'vow' and hope you don't become too down hearted as you knit. It really is a beautiful sweater and your knitting is as lovely as ever! xx

  8. I would feel exactly the same way I think.
    The sleeves are always the exciting part of any project, they're the "we're nearly done part" :)
    I also usually have one or two projects going at a time... along with one or two books :)

  9. The whole thing is gorgeous! I feel the same way about how long I feel like I've been knitting on my #2's sweater...isn't this thing done yet?


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