Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Musings--12 September 2011

Right is 6:00, and strangely, I am the only one awake.  Usually Una is up at least, working on her story.    A very bright, full moon is just setting, and the eastern horizon is a dark silhouette against a band of bright pink. The neighbor's calves are lowing, having been separated from their mothers yesterday.

This weekend...was pretty good.  On Saturday I baked four loaves of banana bread and the kids ate one while it was still hot.  I also managed to get a little sewing done on Una's Medieval Peasant costume.  It is only a long over-dress right now and still needs and under-dress or chemise or something.  And some trim.  For dinner we had the last of our pork spareribs.  I should say, "They had", as I am less fond of spareribs, and didn't care to have any.

Yesterday was very busy for a Sunday.  We went to an early Mass, did a little shopping for groceries afterward, came home, unloaded the groceries, ate lunch and then my sister picked me up for a rare No Children Allowed trip to Goodwill.  Both of us needed to look for things for autumn for the kids, but shopping with kids is always rushed and chaotic.  So we left the children with our respective spouses and went off.  I did take Una, but she spends all her time browsing their books.  Even though most of our time was spent looking for clothing, it was nice to have a little time with my sister.

At home we had a quick and easy dinner, and in the evening we watched Horatio Hornblower while I finished the first sleeve on Una's cardigan.  Gemma went to bed early, having missed her nap.  Dominic fell asleep on the floor wearing his pirate gear, having missed his, too.

Some plans for the week:  bake loaves of zucchini bread for the freezer, and pumpkin bread, too, if I can find the time.  Help the boys make a cardboard model of a Viking ship and get some drawing exercises photocopied for this week's art lessons.  On Thursday, deliver Una's artwork for this weekend's Art Exhibition.  Maybe begin weeding out a few summer clothes to put away (yech, the dreaded Changing of the Wardrobe!).  I also plan to get started on the second sleeve of Una's cardigan.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...knit a baby shoe to finish a pair for a recently-born baby...before she outgrows them!  And if the weather stays as nice as it's been, get out and take lots of photos!

I am grateful for...Una and Gemma's coughs to have passed; Gemma sleeping through the night; a few good finds at Goodwill for the kids; the kindness of friends.

Some special prayer intentions for the week:  Really, I just ask the Lord for a happy, peaceful week, for Bret to have no difficulties in the work he has this week, for continued health and for a special, personal intention.

Something that makes me smile:  All aboard!  It's the Patch O' Dirt Express (actually, it chugs along quite slowly, as the engineer is a very cautious and conscientious one!)

I don't always remember to say so, but you are always welcome to join in with the Monday Musings...just grab the header image for your own post, and you can leave a link to your post in the comments if you so desire.  Have a blessed week!


  1. I like to read your "Monday Musings". So simple and so natural!
    And the photo is so cute!
    Blessings to You and your family!

  2. Oh, I wish I could trade weekends with you. My kids love, love, love soccer, so it's a must... but it just takes so much of our weekend. And, even though as homeschoolers my children have been well-taught their faith, we are required to attend religious education classes. With various ages, that means morning classes and evening classes. I always look forward to Monday!


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