Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sebastian's Henley--knitting for autumn 2011

I always find knitting for the older kids a daunting prospect.  After all, baby and toddler knits are the next best thing to instant gratification.  But thanks to a slightly heavier yarn and an easy, straight-forward, seamless pattern, I managed this size 10-12 sweater in just 4 weeks--and I am not a fast knitter, nor do I have much time for knitting during the week.  My Ravelry notes are here.

The yarn was a real boon.  I got it on sale and when it arrived, I wasn't sure I liked the colors. It wasn't until I knit it up that I realized it was just the thing for Sebastian--masculine enough for his approval, and far enough from camouflage to make me happy.  It handled beautifully; my hands never ached and it didn't split or cause me any problems.  It has a wonderful smell, and I had to sniff it whenever I pulled it out of my knitting bag.

Sebastian has declared that is is only the tiniest bit itchy without a shirt underneath, and he is the fussiest of all the kids when it comes to clothing that "bugs" him.  So that's quite a good thing.

Now it will be washed, blocked and put away until November, when the temperatures start to get a little chilly around here.


  1. Handsome boy... handsome sweater! +JMJ+

  2. Thanks, Annita--on both counts!

  3. JMJ

    I really like it Nadja, you did a great job!!! Tell Sebastian Miss Cindy thinks he's very handsome in it. The colors are perfect.

    Love and prayers,

  4. Love little boys in knits! I'm working on one for Jude right now...he says it's a bit itchy, but hopefully it'll soften up when washed. Your son is so handsome...just that in between stage before he becomes a true teenager. I can just picture my boy at that age...all arms and legs and hands and feet! Sweet.


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