Thursday, February 12, 2009

And here it is...the knit camouflage hat.

And for whom did I make this thing, knit of the most unattractive yarn ever made? For this guy:


  1. oh my.
    what a perfect hat!
    if my little one were to see that hat he'd be furious that i haven't made his yet-from a very similar-rather unattractive to the female eye-cotton camo yarn. i was told that the last one was itchy and he wanted blue or camo.
    in fact, i like his whole outfit!

    ps. i'll be holding you to that pint thing-after baby, of course! =)

  2. My sons would just flip over a hat like that!! Cute hat. Cuter boy!

  3. Looks great!! I feel your camo-pain! The grin (and the pride in his wearing it) are worth the sacrifice though!

  4. I guess I'm waaaaay out of the knitting loop - I didn't even know they made camo yarn! But is that Army, Air Force, or Marine cammies he's wearing there (said the AF vet)? If he grows up and gets the "military bug", the AF is the safest route (just ask my mom). And I agree with Dandelionmom - the smile makes it totally worth it!

  5. The camos are "mossy oak", very popular with the hunting set in these here backwoods of Tennessee!


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