Thursday, June 23, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: 23 June 2011

I am joining Rosie this morning for this week's edition of {pretty, funny, happy, real}:


Most of the time, anyway.

I am always happy to be starting on a new knitting project!

 Two boys, a tree, a length of rope...Uh-oh!  

I know: I have posted a similar photo of Ruthie Weedeater before.  But the sight of my headless goat still tickles me when I get up in the morning...

But very cute.  Size 2T-3T underpants for Gemma.  Potty-training begins in earnest next week.  Aren't you glad I chose this and not a shot of my bathrooms or my varicose veins?


  1. I am training my two year old in earnest next week as well! Only his underwear is covered with Thomas trains! Love the shot of your boys in a tree-it is so nice to see boys playing freely outside!

  2. Great photos again this week! The boys and their rope do look like trouble :) And new projects are very happy.

  3. What a cute picture of Gemma! :)

  4. I am just glad those were not your underware!! lol

    The sky pictures are just beautiful! We don't get too many of those here because of the low humidity.

    The boys and the rope would give me more grey hair....


  5. What wonderful photographs! I love the color of that blue looks heavenly.

  6. Definitely pretty those first pictures... beautiful! Gemma... adorable! Gotta love boys! I'm glad you clarified whose undies those belong to... my first thought was that Una must be dying of embarrassment! I should have known better... you are a good, sensitive mama! ;)

  7. These photos are fantastic! Thanks for sharing...

  8. cute undies, she will be easy to potty train then she can wear cute undies and be happy!


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