Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three years of blogging and more.

Today marks the third anniversary of my first post.  So much has gone on in three years.  Nuala's calf, Naomi, was born and Naomi is sold, and the calf is now ready to be bred herself.  Dominic and Adrian are no longer preschoolers, but Dominic will be starting Kindergarten next year and Adrian first grade.  Una has her own blog, and we are going to build a house on a new patch o' dirt.

I still have something of a love-hate relationship with blogging.  I still resent it when I find that I am giving it undue time and consideration.  But then I look back at the posts, the photos, the friends I have made and people I have come to know a bit across the miles, and I think that perhaps it is worthwhile, as long as I keep it all in perspective.  I am not out to win a popularity contest, nor do I wish to compete for best-designed blog or most entertaining posts.  I am happy for the followers I have, glad that they find something here that attracts them and makes them want to return again and again.  It is good to find kindred spirits across the globe.  But in truth, this is my electronic scrapbook of sorts, where I record our days and how I spend them.

Today is also the deadline for getting our ATCs in the mail.  Una, Dominic and I participated this time, and our cards are just about ready to go.  We are very excited and can't wait until all the sorting is done and we receive the cards of other participants in the mail.

Also today a friend of ours, Deacon Anthony Stoeppel, is to be ordained a priest today in his diocese in Texas.  I wish him every blessing.  He is going to be an exceptional priest, and I feel privileged to know him.  Unfortunately, I have searched high and low for the beautiful card I bought him at the Casa Maria gift shop, and I can't seem to find it anywhere!

And today is the birthday of Una's friend Haily, who is twelve today.  Birthday blessings to a very, very sweet girl.  We wish you a wonderful day!

Hm...have I missed anything...?  No?  Well, have a great weekend...


  1. Aw, happy anniversary! You're still my favorite place to visit... you should get the "keepin' it real" award for blogging! I think about starting a blog from time to time, but I think it would end up consuming me... I also think I might be sensitive to an unfriendly comment. I'll have to look at that first post. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your blog and I am so happy you continue it regularly. You inspire me everyday ;o)


  3. So glad you have your blog. Too bad I can't be there to meet in person. This weekend my husband and three youngest are in KY visiting his family.


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