Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Musings--30 May 2011

Right is a little after 10 a.m.  Bret has taken the older kids to do a couple of hours work on the KY property, Gemma and Dominic are watching a Thomas the Tank Engine, and Adrian is playing with Legos.  I have bread dough rising and the first load of laundry out on the line, the second one in the rinse cycle.

This weekend...was quite nice.  On Saturday we went into Bowling Green to do our shopping at Aldi and were back by lunchtime.  Then it was time to put away groceries and bathe kids.

Yesterday we went to Mass in Gallatin, and afterward went to the park for a party with friends.  Five families, 40 people--gotta love those Catholic get-togethers!  It was such a hot day and could have been quite miserable, but we had a shaded pavilion and there was a constant breeze, so it was rather nice!  At home we sort of snacked around for dinner and I worked a bit on my knitting and we watched Lark Rise to Candleford.  We are on the last episode of the second-to-last disc, and we are already lamenting the end of the series.  The characters have become like old friends by now.

Some plans for this week:  Finish washing the bedding and hang out the down comforters in the sunshine to air.  I wish we had some quilts for summer, but we tend to keep the comforters on the beds year round and just kick them off if they get too hot.   This week I also need to get a bit further along on my menu planning and do a bit more research for our coming year's curriculum.  I have some decisions to make and really would like to have all our things ordered by the end of next month (that won't happen, however...I know how I am about making these decisions!)  I also want to vacuum under all the beds and in the closets.  This time of year we have a Brown Recluse Spider problem, and whether that will help or not I can't say, but it will make me feel better!  I also need to order vitamins and milled flax seed from Vitacost.

If I find some time for myself I would like to...Oh dear.  I really need to get a few more things in the Etsy shop, but we are so  busy with other things this time of year.  And I have set a goal of knitting each child a sweater by the end of November, so I have to do one a month to meet that goal!  Actually, Sebastian's Henley is coming along very well and more quickly than I would have thought...let's just hope it fits him!

I am grateful for...gas prices coming down a bit, Gemma being so delightful and funny, a well-stocked pantry and air-conditioning.

Some prayer intentions for the week:  Birthday prayers and best wishes for a very special pen-pal of Una's.  And I am praying that I can figure out what this rash of Gemma's is.  She has always had sensitive skin, but he has an itchy rash around her neck and behind her ears, into her scalp and going down her back.  I have treated it like a heat rash, an allergic rash and eczema, and whatever it is, it doesn't want to go.  It's better some days and will seem to be clearing up, and then it will return, but she has had it since recovering from all the antibiotics she was on last month, and I tend to think there may be a connection.

 Something that makes me smile:  Adrian behind my chair working on embroidery (no, he's not hiding from his brothers...the light was just better there!)


  1. Yes! Gas prices coming down is awesome. We are hovering around 3.55 right now, but a town north of us is at 3.45! (Too bad we didn't need gas when we drove through on Saturday!)

    I miss aldi! I wish we had one near by, I loved being able to stock up on canned goods as well as their artichoke hearts!

  2. Joining you again :-) And baking bread here too--yum!

  3. I always enjoy your musings! Rashes can be stubborn, and I think you may be right about the reaction to all the antibiotics.

    Happy Memorial Day as we honor and remember our fallen soldiers (including my grandfather who died during WWII, leaving behind a young wife and three very young children).


  4. I am enjoying your posts! I too am joining you int he washing ... a never ending job!

  5. Maybe trying a yeast free diet for a while would help. I cut out all sugars and grains, and the rashes around my eyes went away.

  6. I should have dried clothes on the line today as the weather was so warm--maybe tomorrow if it's not raining.

    I'm joining you today (it's been a while) with a late night Monday Musings.

    Have a good week.


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