Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Really sick baby

The last few days haven't been fun.  Gemma has a constant temperature, a hideously infected pair of tonsils, congestion, loads of mucous, an ear infection and diarrhea.  She has gone to see a doctor four times (and must go again tomorrow).  She has had a rectal temperature taken twice, a swab stuck up her nose twice, a plastic tube put up her nose once, blood taken, x-rays taken, given five injections and force-fed everything from Motrin to Hydrocodone to various antibiotics to just plain water, as she is becoming dehydrated.

Seems she has a resistant form of strep and we are hoping that this third antibiotic will do the trick, as the next thing would cause diarrhea, which might require her to go to the hospital for IV fluids.  Everything is on hold around here.  Just hoping that everything will pull together for Easter.

I appreciate your prayers.  May God reward you...

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