Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday Musings--the Sunday Night Edition and Prayer Request

Right is 10:30 p.m., Sunday night and I can't sleep.  I need to request some prayers yet again.

This weekend...was awful.  On Thursday Gemma had a stuffy nose, which I thought might be allergies.  On Friday it became obvious that it was not allergies, and I thought she had a cold.  She did not want to eat, and her nose was runny, but she seemed happy enough for me not to worry.  Friday night she woke many times, due I thought to congestion (makes it hard to take her pacifier).  On Saturday I realized something more was going on.  She awoke with a low fever and refused food and drink, was listless and her breath was foul.  So off to the ER in Gallatin.  Swollen, pus-covered tonsils.  They gave her a steroid for the inflammation, amoxicillin, and hydrocodone/acetaminophen for pain and fever.  Based on the few experiences I have had with antibiotics in my kids, I expected that after a couple of doses and a good sleep she would be somewhat improved in the morning.  She awoke after a fair night's sleep at 6:30 with a fever, still refusing food, although she did drink a bit, and looking even worse than the day before.  I gave her Tylenol, but after an hour it hadn't done much.  I called the doctor and he said he thought it might be a resistant form of strep, and to bring her back to the ER.

Bret got home from Mass with the kids and we went back to the ER.  She cried as soon as we went in, and with good reason.  They did two rectal temperature readings, put a tube up her nose to suction mucous for a flu test and then gave her a shot of a potent antibiotic.  Now I am forcing her meds down her throat (which must hurt like crazy, since she won't even take much water), and listening to her labored, rattling breathing.  I have never had a child this sick.  I don't handle it well, although I am keeping it together outwardly for the sake of my family.  I was so sure she would be better this morning that now I am fearful of tomorrow--afraid that once again I will find her worse instead of better.

I put her to bed at 8, went to bed myself at 9:30, and she awoke at 10 and 10:30.  I am wondering if she will do this through the night, and what I am to do about it.

Some plans for this week:  Tomorrow is the feast of St. Gemma Galgani.  I am praying that the good saint will intercede for her namesake, who has a follow-up tomorrow with her doctor; we need to go shopping for groceries and some items for Una's birthday, which we are celebrating a week early on Saturday.  Dominic has his follow-up for his surgery on Friday, and I will have to bake Una's cake then as well.  I can't think of anything else.  I have a feeling it will not be a very heavy school week.

If I find some time for myself I want to: I had a dozen plans and I can't focus on any of them now.

Special prayer intentions for this week:  Gemma to get well!  I can't concentrate on anything and I feel restless and anxious, not to mention the fact that she wants to be carried and held every waking moment.  I would gladly oblige her in this, and do so to the best of my abilities, but I have other children who require me as well.  I also pray that all goes well with Dominic's follow up and that I can get my act together for Una's birthday.

Something that makes me smile:  This little face when it is happy and healthy as in this photo.  I want to smile again...

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