Thursday, April 14, 2011

The news is good!

Gemma is getting better!  As of yesterday she showed signs of finally responding to the shots of antibiotic in the rear end she received for four days in a row.  Her breathing is much improved, and her temperature is staying down.  She is sleeping much better at night.  But it wasn't easy getting her to this point.

Not shown are the shots of antibiotics and steroids she has had to endure, not to mention all the testing, listed in the post below.

She still has congestion, diarrhea, diaper rash, thrush and fluid in her ears, and is still refusing to eat and drink (there may still be some infection on her tonsils).  She has lost 3 lbs. and we have to sort of distract her to get a mouthful of cottage cheese into her.  But she is no longer dangerously ill.  The last five days have been the longest month of my life...

She has several more days of antibiotics to do, although no more shots.  And she will need a checkup with Dominic's ENT to look at her tonsils and ears and adenoids.  The good doctor thinks that Dominic may have been the bug-carrier, but he got only an ear infection.  His responded to the amoxicillin.  I suppose somewhere along the line it could have mutated.  I don't really know.

I feel so grateful to the doctors and nurses at our little clinic.  They were all so kind and concerned about Gemma, and so happy to see her getting better.  Life is good...God is good...

Many, many thanks to all those who prayed for Gemma and for me.  Your prayers and your emails were a comfort and meant so much to me.

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