Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yesterday was Bret's birthday

I know, I know...I am supposed to be on a break, but how could I not mention the birthday of the most important person in my life?

Bret turned 51 yesterday.  God bless him for putting up with me for 25 years, 23 of them married.  And God bless him for being dad to six kids ages 1 to 11 at a time in his life when most men are done with diapers and wives who are still nursing at night.  God bless him for going grocery shopping with me and all the kids every single week and never griping about it; in fact, God bless him for never griping about anything other than when the kids are over-the-top noisy or turning the house into a disaster area.  He is not one to complain or worry--at least not outwardly.  God bless him for being a very manly man, who has never had a problem with our sticking to traditional role models.  He not only works to pay the bills, he milks the cow and does all the yard and farm work, and does all the household repairs and improvements.  But he is not adverse to changing diapers, cleaning my cook-top or washing floors when he sees that I am snowed under with household chores.

I admire the man and feel really blessed.  Every morning in my prayers I ask the Lord to grant him a long and healthy life, that we may grow old together and live to see our children's children.

We celebrated together with a nice steak dinner last night (benefits of raising your own beef--we can be cash-poor and still eat really, really well!) and this ultra-rich chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.  Next time I will leave out the fudge and chopped peanut butter cup layer, as it was definitely overkill.

There.  Now I will resume my previously scheduled blog-break.  Until something else comes up!


  1. Really nice post, Nadja. It is obvious your love for your husband. Happy Birthday, Bret! +JMJ+

  2. You're blessed to have Bret just as he is blessed to have you! Gorgeous cake!


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