Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--February 22, 2010


Outside my window...Late this morning!  6:40 a.m. and a mild, rainy 52 degrees.  Gray and misty.

I am thinking…about a lot of things.  Thinking about an old (September) Zenit article on internet pedophilia networks that really has me disturbed; about my friend Cindy and how I really need to talk to her soon and see how she is holding up...mid-April seems so far away; about school (I'm again feeling like I'm not covering all the bases with my kids and that they aren't learning what they need to); about Easter clothing and spring cleaning and upcoming birthdays and various projects that I have in mind, but no time to do.

I am thankful for…those simple things like: my family, a dry, warm house, a full pantry, a milk cow, relatively good health, coffee, good priests and good friends.  I am glad for a break in the seemingly endless colds of this winter, and for Gemma's rash being much, much better.

From the kitchen...sausage and eggs, if Bret is game...

I am creating…a sweater for my niece, due in March.  I finished a cotton hat for Gemma, but alas, it turned out too small and unlike wool, it can't be blocked to size!  I did find a couple of skeins of cashmere/silk blend on eBay at an excellent price, so Gemma will have something pretty and woolen after all!

I am reading ... nothing but my daily scripture reading.  Between the new schedule I am trying to stick to and a little bit of knitting, I have no time to read.

I am have a good and productive week with the kids and to find extra ways to make sacrifices.  I want to "do Lent well"...

I am hearing…A lot of arguing over Megablocks and weird sound effects (boys do a lot of that, don't they?).

A few plans for the rest of the week: Library today.  Hopefully a trip to the thrift stores to look for some items for the boys. Waiting for our heifer's calf to be born any day now...

 I am praying... for my friends and family amidst all their challenges.  And for myself, that I make every effort to find God's love and beauty in a world that seems so dark and perverse at times.  Thank God spring is getting closer!

A Picture Thought: I wonder how many photos I have of Dominic passed out somewhere with Pooh.  It will make an interesting post one day...

 Visit Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook for more daybook entries, and have a good week!


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