Friday, January 15, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 65

This week has been better than last in trying to establish a schedule. So far I have my morning routine down fairly well, except that we are starting school 30 minutes later than I want to. But since we seem to be getting school done on time anyway, I am okay with that. My "test" schedule sort of falls apart just before lunch. When I get up to make lunch, the kids all run away when they are supposed to be working. Restraints are not an option, so I have to find some way of keeping them working during that time.

We are are still trying to ward off colds. Not to whine too much, as I know that "colds all winter" is the standard for many large families, but we have been ridiculously lucky the past two winters and so having one cold on the heels of another is a bit annoying. And messy, as it is the three youngest who have it the worst. We have gone through a lot of Kleenex in the last couple of weeks!

On the topic of illness, please say a quick prayer for Marilyn's family. She no longer blogs publicly, and so misses out on the army of prayer warriors when it is needed. Anyway, her kids are ill and Anna Grace, 7 1/2 months or thereabouts, has croup. I have a dread of coughs, and those that cause babies to gasp for breath are especially terrifying.

I have to bake a lot of pumpkin bread today. I was opening a couple of cans of peaches for a fruit crumble this week and one of the cans of peaches turned out to be a can of pumpkin. That's okay, we all like pumpkin bread around here.

In order to draw up plans for the altar he is going to be constructing, Bret has borrowed a drafting table from a friend and has squeezed it into the office here. Since he doesn't have a lamp he can clamp onto the table, he has changed the bulbs in the overhead light to ten million-watt deals which will burn out your retinas if you so much as glance at them make the office look like an operating theater.

This year I am looking ahead. During Lent I resolve to start making things for Easter and gathering clothing for the kids to wear to Mass on Easter. Every year, two weeks before Easter, I find myself rummaging for clothes that fit and trying to find shoes for Una, whose feet are growing faster than she is (she is going on 11 and we wear the same size shoes). This year I will be ready, with God's help! For those of you who knit, here is a super-easy stuffed bunny pattern. It is adorable, and sewn up from a simple knit square.

Our snow is gone, and as much as we enjoyed it, I'm happy for a break from it. Today it is expected to be a balmy 51 degrees!

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  1. I want to do that bunny! Poor Marilyn's Anna. Emma had the whopping cough when she got here from China, no fun.
    I was a big fan of Marilyn's blog. she had said I could read the new blog, but can't find it. Could you please ask her to email me the address?


  2. I miss Marilyn's blog, too!

    I had to re-read the part about Una's shoe size. I read it the first time as she was almost 11 and wore the same size shoe (women's 11's)! Oh well, I am tired today and wearing my glasses instead of contacts. :)

  3. Hope you guys get over the colds quickly. I could not believe how much Kleenex our family used when we were in the midst of a family cold a few weeks ago.

    Yum. Pumpkin bread. I think I still have a can of pumpkin that needs turning into bread or muffins. I know I have some zucchini from the summer left to make into bread. Maybe I will have a baking day tomorrow.

  4. I miss Marilyn's blog too! How do I get invited? Poor Baby...will be praying, baby coughs are scary!!!
    Karla in MN

  5. Thank you Nadja and everyone for the prayers. I think everyone is on the mend - I am still feeling pretty bad, but we got back to some semblance of school today. Anna is doing better - her cough is till ugly, but she is nursing fine and the doctor said that unless she develops something secondary, she will not have to take any meds.

    Thank you for the kind words about my blog too - I am still discerning whether to blog and will not be going to go public again, but I have your emails to invite you once my praying is done.


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