Friday, January 15, 2010

Pray for this family, please

The Romeikes are a German family seeking political asylum in the U.S. due to persecution in Germany--the removal of children from their home and threats of fines and jail time--for homeschooling their children. They have settled in Tennessee, but they have a very important hearing coming up in Memphis on January 20th (next Wednesday).

You can read more about their case on the HSLDA website if you enter "Romeike" in the search box. It is a good reminder of how fragile a thing freedom is.

Do pray for a happy outcome.


  1. I have read about them. I will pray for them. JMJ

  2. Thank you for getting this prayer request out to others. I go to church with this precious family. We prayed as a congregation for them yesterday. They are much in my thoughts and prayers today.

    I just read on another site that just 1 out of 20 from Germany that tried for political asylum last year succeeded. please continue to pray.

    Blessings, KB

  3. An update on the Romeike family is in our local newspaper tonight. The ruling has been delayed because of the governments failure to providing a needed document at the hearing. That ruling is expected on Jan. 26th.

    A link to that newspaper story follows if anyone would like to read it.

    All prayers are greatly appreciated. KB

  4. Praise God!!! Romeike family was granted political asylum today. Thank you to all who prayed for them. Our prayers have been answered.



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