Friday, July 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday--Volume 40

I didn't bother with Small Successes this week because my only real success was getting four
meals into the freezer. The list of what I hoped to accomplish and did not is way longer. I am spared the publication of this list because as of yet there is no "Small Failures" link.

I am so ready to see this baby of mine. I will hopefully take care of the rest of what needs to be done (assemble co-sleeper, finish putting together my homebirth necessities, make up my bed for labor, etc.) this weekend. I am hoping that when all is in place, I will relax and Gemma will make her debut. So different from when Una was due ten years ago. I never felt more than 7 months pregnant, and I had such a backlog of work in the bindery that I thought it would be great if she would be a few weeks overdue so that I could get more done!

It is only 57 degrees here this morning! Praise God!

The wool soaker for Gemma I have been knitting all through last month? I unraveled it on Wednesday night even though it was about 3/4 of the way done. The trouble was that it was so big I knew it wouldn't fit the baby until she is 18-24 months, and I lost interest in it. So I cast on a smaller one before bed on Wednesday, and I am now about 3/4 of the way done with it--and it looks like it will be in the 3-month age/size range.

Our chickens are moulting and suddenly we are getting only two eggs a day from the nine hens. Two of the hens are "broody" and won't leave the nesting boxes as they are trying to hatch the wooden dummy-eggs in them.

Both the cow and the heifer have now been bred. It will be another three weeks until we know if it "took" with Nuala, but Naomi does seem to be pregnant if the ice cream and pickles are any indication (Yes, I'm joking...). If they are indeed both bred, we can look forward to a calf in mid-February and another at the beginning of April.

Just a couple of photos of the view from Patch O' Dirt Farm this morning.

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  1. K love the pictures of your "Patch Of Dirt Farm" - it looks lovely! I feel like its peacefulness has stretched through the phone wires all the way here!

  2. excuse me, but YOU are making a baby in that body of yours and in this culture of death that we live in-you deserve a BIG success award-forget the small one. please post pictures of that sleeper...i am dying to see it.

    those farm shots are taking my breath away. i'd like to paint that bottom one. i've been really wanting to take out the watercolors lately.....

  3. ok, so that thing you are knitting is a soaker, i thought you wrote sleeper. what, may i ask, is a soaker?

  4. Something I'd never heard of until I looked into cloth diapering--it is a pair of woolen pants, short or long, that goes over a cloth diaper in lieu of a waterproof cover. Wool can absorb something like 30% its weight without leaking, and has antibacterial properties so that they will not smell like urine even without washing. You can hang them out to dry and wash them only every few weeks. It's really neat, seems to work from what I have read, and is what was used in the pre-rubber-pants days.

  5. What a beautiful place to have as your home! Gorgeous pictures!


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