Monday, July 6, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for July 6th

Outside my window…it is getting light. Everything is wet from the weekend rains.

I am thinking…about how I have neglected this blog! I know that I have not run out of good posts nor good photo opportunities. I just have such limited energy these days and it takes forever to accomplish even the least of tasks. I hope to get better about it once I have my lungs back!

I am thankful for…good health. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be 45 and pregnant if I had a chronic health problem. And I am equally thankful for the fact that my children have been relatively healthy. Thank you, Lord.

From the kitchen...berries with yogurt cream and banana bread.

I am creating…another wool soaker. I have finished the first but for the drawstring for the waist, and I will do another like it, since I bought yarn for two.

I am readingThe Splendor of Sorrow. Still on it. I just have the strength to either read a bit or knit a bit before bed, and so with the knitting, I haven't been reading. There will be time enough to read when I am nursing Gemma.

I am hoping…that my OB will tell me that I am further dilated and effaced today!

I am hearing…birds. Last night I went to bed listening to the most amazing symphony of frogs! They were obviously overjoyed by the rain.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I have an OB appt today. I still haven't cut Gabriel, Adrian and Dominic's hair. I have another list of things to make up and put in the freezer, and my midwife will come to check on me on Friday. I'm excited about that!

The children are...asleep. And it is nearly 6 a.m. what are the chances of that?

A Picture Thought: Adrian again, back from fishing at the pond. Actually, papa and the older boys fished, and Adrian ate blackberries! And he didn't bring a single one home for me!
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