Monday, July 6, 2009

Nothin' much to report...

I had my 37 week OB appointment this morning and there's been no real change since last week. The obstetrician noted, measuring my tummy, that I am on the small side, and I told him my secret: I have no internal organs.

I did have a nice lunch out with my mother, no kids, no diaper bag. It will be a while before I do that again, so I really did appreciate it.

At home we had two casualties of summer within a short time: first Sebastian stepped on a bee and was stung on the toe, and then Dominic somehow ended up with a wasp or yellow jacket under his shirt and was stung three times. I held a cotton ball with cider vinegar to the stings, gave him homeopathic apis and then, when he was calm enough, gave him an ice pop. He's fine now. See for yourself:

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  1. LOL re no internal organs! I too am 36 or 37 weeks pregnant and am very much on the small side. (This is my fourth child.) In fact, some people do not notice I am expecting (which I guess makes me look flabby instead)!
    Best of luck over the coming weeks,
    Tracy (Australia)


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