Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Musings-2 May 2011

Right is 5:50 a.m., and just getting light.  From where I sit, all I can out the window is the sky, which looks thick with clouds and foreboding.  More rain for today, no doubt.  It is getting really irritating, as I have plants to put in the beds, the kids are spending spring indoors and noting has happened on the construction of the new house since pouring the footers over a month ago.

This weekend...was blessed by the event of Gabriel's first Holy Communion.  He was nervous, but happy.  We got to Mass good and early, and all of us made it to confession (because of all the guests at the Chapel for Divine Mercy Sunday, they had five confessionals open--almost no waiting!)  Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM, was the celebrant, and gave us a beautiful Mass, accompanied by some really beautiful music.  Fr. Wade's nephew, Jude, was also receiving his first Holy Communion yesterday, so when the time came, Bret and I went up and knelt with Gabriel on one side at the communion rail, and Jude with his parents knelt on the other side with his.  Gabriel went back to his seat beaming.

Besides the customary gifts of money, he also receive a beautiful custom-made rosary which I ordered from Ruth, and this wonderful little book.  They used to make it in hardcover, and Una's I had rebound in real vellum with her name in gold for her first Holy Communion, but it was left at Mass one day and never made it to the lost and found...

At home we changed clothes and my mother and my sister with her family came over to help celebrate.  We had scheduled a party with over 40 people, but I cancelled on Thursday when the weather predicted (accurately, I might add) thunderstorms.  We will be having a party for Pentecost instead.  In any case, it was noisy and crazy even with only the little cousins over.  Can't imagine what it may have been with 31 kids!

Some plans for the week:  a follow-up appointment for Gemma today; doing the checkbook (ugh--being a grown-up stinks sometimes...); get back to school after the week off.  I would like to make an apron for my mother, per her request, if I can get the material from her she wants me to use!  Forgot to ask her to bring it yesterday!

If I find some time for myself, I want on my knitting and paint some peg dolls for the Etsy shop.  The stock is looking a bit thin.

Special prayer intentions for this week:  praying for an end to this abysmal rain, and for all the people who have been affected by the severe weather, and for Gemma to be given a clean bill of health.

Something that makes me smile:  Our First Holy Communicant!

If you want to do your own Monday Musings, simply grab the header image and use it, then leave me a comment so that I can find your post.  Have a great week!


  1. Omigosh! You are so blessed to know these priests. I watch them on EWTN.
    Congrats to Gabriel!

    You know I am praying for Gemma. Please let me know all is well!


  2. Nadja,
    I've commented here once or twice, but on just recently started a blog of my own. I love to read your blog, so I hope you don't mind I joined in your Monday Musings this week :)

    Congrats to Gabriel on his First Communion!


  3. JMJ

    Nadja, I sent you an e-mail so read it when you get the chance if you haven't already, but I forgot to ask about Gemma, please let me know what the doctor said.

    Love and prayers,


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