Friday, April 29, 2011

A break from all the storms

Today's weather is what we have been waiting for: spring without the constant wind and rain and lightening.  Right now it is nearly 7 p.m., and I am reluctant to call the kids in for the rosary, as they have been cooped up so much as of late.  Right now it is windless, the lowering sun gilding the rolling hills and casting long shadows.  The birds are singing, the children's voices ringing out joyfully from the back yard (Dominic's voice rising above them all, as usual). Dinner is done, the kitchen is cleaned up, and life seems pretty good right now.

Earlier today:
The Buttercups are in bloom, creating rivers of gold through the pastures.

 Nuala with her granddaughter Fiona.

 Hope your day was near-perfect, too!


  1. The kids will enjoy these pictures in the morning. Glad you had such a nice day! Good night!

  2. Oh, how I have enjoyed these photos! One of my earliest memories is of being held by my father while I fed one of my grandparents' cows!
    I love coming to your blog -- your farm is lovely!

  3. Your place looks so beautiful. Spring in KY/TN is a real treat. I love the cows.

  4. Thank you, all...I really love this time of year here. Unbelievable how many textures and shades green can be!


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