Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yarn along: happy endings

Ginny, at Small Things, has invited us to participate in her new, weekly "Yarn Along" and share what we are making along with what we are reading.  I can't recall the last time I read a book for myself--it has been many moons, most certainly.  I love books (I was a bookbinder/restorer in my life B.C.--Before Children), and I tend to acquire them at about five times the rate at which I read them.  These days my time is so limited that I usually have to make a decision between reading and knitting, since I have not yet mastered the ability to do both at once (and our house is too noisy for books on CD!).  With cold weather and Christmas looming before me, I usually opt for knitting these days.        

I do, however, try to read books to the boys (Una, sadly, has little patience for read-alouds, preferring to hole up in her bed or a cozy chair and read to herself).  Right now we are in the final chapters of The Penderwicks on Gardam Street.  Sebastian is my best audience.  He could listen to me read for hours without moving at all.  Gabriel sort of comes and goes.  And the little guys, well, they really are into books with pictures only, which is fine with me, since I have a weakness for lavishly illustrated kids' books.

Gemma's raglan pullover is coming along, too.  I am starting the sleeves, and I can't wait to put it on Gemma.
It's nothing fancy, but I would rather do a good job on a simple pattern than go for something complex and really make a mess of it!


  1. What a lovely picture, and post :).

    I cherish the evenings my husband reads aloud to me, but I can totally sympathize with Una. We've been working on the Fellowship of the Ring for almost 2 months, and I've kind of forgotten a lot of the first chapters by now; I could've read the whole thing myself in about two evenings.

    Are you a self-taught knitter? I know how to make a basic scarf, but that's the extent of my knitting knowledge and there's not a soul within miles to teach me how, beyond that. I've watched a few tutorials, but I think I need a patient guide :).

  2. That Pulli looks great! I love that deep red color.

  3. Great colors. I am with you on the simple but well done thought!

  4. My house is also too noisy for books on CD, one day that will work but for now its a no go! Your knitting is beautiful and I'm so glad to have found your link on Ginny's Yarn along, I look forward to vsiting again!

  5. Oh we loved the first Penderwick book and have been looking for the second. Our library doesn't have it, so sad. I love the color you chose for Gemma's pullover. I love seeing what everyone is knitting and reading. Thanks for the glimps.

    If I can get my hands on the camera I'll snap a picture of my current knit and read.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  6. your knitting looks great. Ill come listen to your stories! (I love being read to:)

  7. You really can't beat a good raglan pullover. I made one for Beatrix last year, and am so glad it still fits. I wish I had time to make her several more!
    I too have to choose between knitting and reading-but I try to read a chapter a day somehow.

  8. Wonderful pattern and such a rich warm colour of yarn you chose.

  9. Dear Nadja,
    We loved these books and have read tem aloud and the children have read them alone too.
    Beautiful sweater.

  10. Oh how lucky to be able to knit sweaters! (it's in my future, but for now I'm sticking to scarves and hats)! I haven't checked out the Penderwicks yet, but it's on the list for the kids!
    xo maureen

  11. What a beautiful pullover!
    "I have a weakness for lavishly illustrated kids' books."
    I do too, children's books can be so magical.
    Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment over at my blog today.
    So glad it led me over to your lovely blog!

  12. That is going to be such a cute pullover and such a gorgeous red. The Penderwicks are a favorite here too, both are great on audio :)

  13. a weakness for lavishly illustrated children's books, you say?
    that is yet another reason you are such a kindred spirit to me!
    besides spiritual reading, it seems that the bulk of my reading consists of lovely children's stories.
    which maybe i enjoy more than they do!

    ps. love that red yarn!


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