Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tutorial--another leaf votive lamp

Yes, there are at least a dozen leaf-motif votive lamp tutorials out there already, but I wanted to make one and to use something I have had hanging around in my filing cabinet for years:  a color copy of autumn leaves I collected about 10 years ago when we still lived in Charlotte, NC.

I had always intended to Modge Podge these to the inside of a white lampshade.  Well, can you believe it, we have not one single lamp with a lampshade in the entire house?  So I will have to save that one for some future tutorial.

Anyway, I decided to use the printer again, this time to print the leaves onto a sheet of natural (as in not stark white) vellum paper which I trimmed to 8 1/2" x 11".  They came out looking really nice!

From there on, all that was required was a suitable jar, a hot glue gun, a pretty saucer, a few acorns and things from outdoors and a piece of raffia.  And a candle.  With a bunch of pyromaniacal boys, I use the battery-operated ones most of the time.

All I did was hot glue the vellum around the jar to create a sleeve of sorts.  I tied it with the raffia, placed it on the thrifted saucer and arranged the little woodsy thingies on the saucer around them.  Pretty darned easy, which is the only kind of craft I can manage these days.

Rather a nice effect when lit!


  1. You mean that this is made from a photocopy of the leaves?

  2. Yes, I briefly pressed the leaves (overnight) and then placed them face-down on the platen of the printer and made color copies, which I have had for years. I just made a copy of one of the copies onto vellum.

  3. Super pretty. That is a great idea.

  4. What a great idea! I guess I missed the other tutorials :)
    It creates such a pretty effect.

  5. So simple and very effective! Thanks for the tutorial.


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