Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for 7 December 2009

Outside my window…6:10 and dark; 36 degrees. Bret is already out milking this morning.

I am thinking… of the days left until Christmas--so much to make and do; so little time! And of our Advent celebration last night. I'm a little sad that my CD player is broken--my favorite holiday music is all on CD.

I am thankful for…the fact that my struggles and challenges are so small compared to those given to some people. God has been so very gentle with me, knowing, I suppose, that I have such difficulty with trust.

From the kitchen...I keep forgetting to take pumpkin bread out of the freezer the night before! Maybe I'll do muffins this morning. Or a peach crumble...I also have to make butter, as the cream jars are piling up in the fridge. I'm using all the extra butter in my holiday baking.

I am creating…a pair of longies for Gemma, who has very few pants for winter. I also cut another pair of pants for her from the sleeves of a knit top, but ran out of white thread. Hope to sew them up today. Bret finished another teether for Gemma, this one a shameless rip-off of this one from Nova Naturals.

I am reading ...craft and knitting blogs and books, and The Liturgical Year.

I am continue making and baking, and still get some schooling done this week!

I am hearing…Gabriel playing quietly in the living room and Bret washing the milking equipment in the kitchen.

A few plans for the rest of the week: making more paper snowflakes for the windows with the children; finishing Gemma's longies and pants and seaming Una's sweater; getting started on the wrapping of gifts and mailing of cards.

I am gratitude for Kimberly's happy news! And for my pregnant sister, who just moved to her new home this weekend, and for Cindy, making another trip to AL this morning.

Picture Thought: Nothing too interesting...just this year's Advent calender. We can no longer afford to get each child his or her own, and so the kids take turns opening windows, and then everyone gets a chocolate, which sweetens the disappointment for those who must wait for their turns.Visit Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook for more entries.


  1. Sounds like another busy week... homemade butter must taste wonderful! I only use real butter... never margarine. I know it is hard work, but it must be awesome to have farm fresh milk, homemade butter... Do you have chickens, too? What a great childhood you are providing for your kids!

    Peace and prayers

  2. Yes, we have laying hens and are raising hogs and a steer as well. We also have barn cats, a rabbit and a really obnoxious goat!

  3. Its inspiring reading about all your homemade projects. I showed my husband the wooden teether from one of your previous post and he is trying to make one like it.

  4. Julia, I think your son and Gemma are the same age, so he'll probably really enjoy it!

  5. Hi! The Holy Spirit led me to your blog tonight for SURE! I have an extra of the liturgical calendar you mentioned way down at the bottom of your first page... but I need your mailing addy! email me at so I can take it to the post office tomorrow.

  6. Dear Nadja,
    Sounds like you are really enjoying making presents at the moment.
    I am too. It is so relaxing and well'homey' making items for our children.


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