Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!


  1. Dear Nadja,
    Pray you had a wonderful day.
    Where did you get the cool advent wreath from. Any chance of the html code, please????

  2. Have a wonderful day! My children were anxious to find their shoes stuffed with goodies this morning... Christmas socks and chocolates.

    Thank you for your blog... it is like visiting a friend each day! I love the snow on your page! I found a beautiful, free screen saver that has lovely cottages with accumulating snow... there are even little bunnies and cardinals scampering about.


  3. LUV this!

    Hope you are having a blessed advent, friend!

  4. Gae,
    the wreath is from The Curt Jester. I'm hoping he updates for the second candle some time today!

    I can't put html in the comment box, so I'll email it to you.

  5. Dear Nadja,
    Thank you.
    I made Arwen a giraffe like yours over the last week as well as 2 little rag dolls. I gave her one of the dolls for St Nicholas. I hope to have photos up soon.
    God Bless


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