Saturday, August 1, 2009

Isn't she lovely...?

I'm falling in love again. Of course, there is often that surge of love-at-first-sight when you have a baby, but there are things that can stand in the way of that. Pain, exhaustion, fear during birth--all of these can postpone the bonding between mother and newborn for weeks, even months. I know that after Adrian's birth my exhaustion (the labor wasn't so long, but I went 48 hours without sleep) led to postpartum depression, and that kept me from loving Adrian the way I wanted to until he was a couple of months old. But I had very good labors and deliveries with Dominic and Gemma, and consequently, nothing has stood in the way of my getting all emotional and gushy with love over them. I know that this "Baby-moon" passes, but right now I even love changing her diapers...


  1. She really is a doll baby. I am still totally in love - 2 months later and totally exhausted!

    We just got back in town - I had to check in with you my friend! Off to bed - trip today was too long for Anna and her mama! Fun though.

    Hugs and happy Sunday. Sorry about your blog - I actually got rid of the three column blog because i did not like it.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful girl.

    What kind of sling/wrap is that?

  3. It's a home-made Moby-style wrap. Instructions for making/wearing various wraps and carriers is available at

  4. AHHHHH....I always loved that time-and the breathtakingness of how it hits you...I loved those middle of hte night feedings-when it was just me and my baby all to myself in the sweet sweet quiet--look what you are DOING to me!!

  5. Oh my goodness, she is GORGEOUS!! Just beautiful. Enjoy her.

  6. Dear Nadja,
    Just too beautiful.
    Are those slings easy to put on and to wear ?
    What about when the baby is asleep and you want to put her to bed and STILL stay asleep?

    You look great by the way.
    God Bless


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