Friday, July 31, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Volume 44

I've been out all day with Bret and six kids running hither and thither all over town, which is why this post is so late. We left the house just after 8 a.m. and got back at a bit before two. This is how it is living in the sticks--you combine all the errands to be run and spend the whole day out of the house. You'd think that the patterns of the car seat fabrics would be permanently imprinted on my kids' backsides by now.

I have decided that age two may be the beginning of the Terrible Twos, but with my kids it seems to hit a peak at age three. Dominic, whom I once considered an easy, happy-go-lucky toddler, has become The Monster Boy. He is openly defiant and does whatever he can to get a rise out of his siblings. All day, every day. I told a friend that two weeks ago after a particularly hairy time at Mass with him, I was considering changing his name from "Dominic" to "Demonic".

I am becoming an affiliate for Sacred Heart Books and Gifts on this blog. Linda Nelson has been the source of many if not most of my homeschooling materials for years now, and I have sought her expertise and advice on many occasions. She loves books, homeschooling and her Catholic faith, and is more like a friend than a mere business proprietor. She takes time to listen and to help, and I would truly be lost if she ever decided to stop doing what she does. Please do look at her site--her prices are better than just about anyone's , too!

I love nursing--it gives me an excuse to sit down cozily with the kids and read, read, read. I have been reading to the boys, and even curious Una came to listen in (it helps when I refuse to allow her to read a new book until after I have read it). I haven't read so much since Dominic was weaned. And it's fun, because I love reading aloud.

I found a nice bunch of VHS tapes at the thrift store today for 25 cents apiece: a couple of Veggie Tales, a couple of Little Bear tapes, a Winnie the Pooh tape, "Old Yeller", "Captains Courageous" and "War Games"--which I need to look up in spite of its PG rating for possible language or other issues.

I am boring myself silly with this post for lack of anything interesting to say.
** Yawn**

I'm going to read to the kids now. Sorry about this post. I should have stopped at "One" this week...

And if you would like to read some more interesting Seven Quick Takes, hop over to Jen's Conversion Diary. There are some interesting ladies with interesting things to share over there...


  1. Not boring at all :) I loved 'em!

    If your kids start terrible two's at two, then you're still not doing too badly. My oldest started at about 16 months...and she's almost 4 now. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel :) Just kidding, she's been pretty good now for the past almost year. We'll see what 4 brings ;)

  2. AH...Little kids and times! You do know the secret best emergency-nursing spot in any dept store don't you? shoe dept! littel kids can look at shoes, you have a spot to sit that is not creepy germy and a very limited number of other customers around. I agree on the demonic! It starts right after they turn a corner and you think they are really "getting" it-then BAM they hit you with both barrels until either you crack or they give up and return to the behaviour you taught them 6 monthes ago! Lincoln would run from one huge bad mess in something off limits to another while we cleaned up the first--things like cooking supplies and printer cartridges and house plants--or anything fabric or furry with a pair of those really great kiddy fiskars (shudder)

  3. this post just made me laugh!
    not boring at all!

  4. Wandered over from Conversion Diary, really interested in the choices you've made, look forward to following this. . .
    Regarding take 2, I had a priest note upon looking at my nearly 3 year old at Mass that he "does exorcisms"!


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