Monday, April 6, 2009

Outside my window…Dark and 45 degrees, the wind blowing in more wintry weather.

I am thinking…of so many things my mind's a jumble. I am trying to focus on this week as our Lord spent it, and despite all that I have to do, I am thinking that I need to sit with the children and read to them and do some Easter crafts.

I am thankful for…getting so much curriculum shopping done this weekend. I am hoping to have 100% of it done and my schooing goals for the coming year down on paper before the baby arrives. I am thankful for the beautiful Palm Sunday Mass, a good confession, time with Cindy and God having called me into the Catholic Church.

From the kitchen...Muffin Monday, and it will be pumpkin, served up with yogurt on the side. I have to make butter, too. Nuala is on spring grass and is producing so much that we are skimming gallons for the cream and giving the milk to the pig! It breaks my heart!

I am creating…another sweater, but hopefully in a newborn size. I may put it aside and start a preemie sweater for the baby of friends. Dakota was born yesterday--mommy's water broke early and baby was getting distressed, so they delivered him two months early--all three pounds of him! I found buttons--pink flower-shaped ones--for the pink sweater I finished last week.

I am readingA Picture Perfect Childhood It is going to be a fantastic resource for schooling, especially, but not exclusively, for the younger kids. I love lists, and this book is full of wonderful lists of picture books to be used to enrich just about anything you might be teaching.

I am hoping…that I can get a few things done this week without going insane! I am hoping I do not blow Holy Week by getting all wrapped up in the details of running a household. I am hoping that there will some time be an end to Una's cough and other odd symptoms. She isn't coughing badly, but there is still that constant little cough, and she has been on Singulair all week. I think only part of it is allergy related.

I am hearing…Just wind and the hum of the computer. That is why I rise so darned early!

A few plans for the rest of the week…I can't publish the entire exhaustive list here, but at the top of it I have to pull out Easter clothes to find what fits; give Sebastian a haircut, work out my menu plan for Easter and the next two weeks, take care of some correspondence and get a few things together so that the children will actually have some goodies Easter Morning!

The children are...slowly rising. Gabriel, Adrian and Dominic just came in to requisition some drawing paper and crayons. Adrian's head is cool, but his tummy is so very empty! I'm going to get up and make him some warm honey-milk to hold him over until breakfast.

A picture thought: Upon my return yesterday there was a little padded envelope addressed to me with an unfamiliar name and address. When I opened it, there was this beautiful pink yarn and the sweetest note. This from someone I've never even met! Blog-moms are just the nicest bunch of women ever. Thank you from the bottom of my very grateful and deeply touched heart, Dandelionmom!
Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman for more Daybook entries. I pray you have a great week!

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  1. OK - I want some of that milk!! You can't give it to the pigs!!

    Picture Perfect Childhood is one of my favorite resources.

    Praying for all your children to be healthy.

    You will have to tell me about your curriculum purchases. I am hoping to have a prelim list this week - first gotta finish up the seasonal clothes mess. Then pay bills and get up to date with them.


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