Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm back from St. Louis...

...what's left of me, that is! I am always so wiped-out after these conferences. The good news is that I got about 85% of the coming year's curriculum purchased, our travel weather was good, Susie Lloyd was a lovely speaker and my friend Cindy and I had our yearly "girl-time" together to talk for hours on end during the 5-hour trip there and back.

The bad news is that I had to come home to a sick little boy. Adrian was throwing up Saturday night and has a bit of a temperature. He slept most of the day and ate only a few animal crackers and some apple sauce all day, and had no trouble falling asleep right away at bedtime. The weather turning from glorious to foul also isn't very nice. Yesterday's high was in the 60's and today's will be about 41.

This will be such a busy week. I am so unprepared for Easter and have a million things to do. I am trying to slow my breathing and tell myself that whatever out dear Lord wishes me to accomplish and finds important, I will indeed accomplish. As long as we get to Mass for Easter and have a nice meal and a few little goodies for the kids, all the rest is of lesser importance.

It was nice to be away, but it is nicer to be with my family! So glad to be home!

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