Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings--13 January 2014

Right now...5:51 a.m., dark and quiet, but for the ticking of the clock on the wall.  Another night of sleeplessness.  Gemma fights with Dominic day and night--seriously, no less at night.  She yells in her sleep, "Give that back!"  "I'm not playing!"  "Stupid!"  She did that from about 2 a.m. until I finally migrated to the sofa at 3.  It took a while to get back to sleep.  I will have to really force myself to get out on the treadmill this morning...

Some plans for the week:  Well, I've a priest-friend coming for dinner this evening, so there will be a bit of housecleaning going on, and I need to make a nice Bolognese sauce for the lasagna I'm preparing. I might also bake something for dessert, although we've plenty of ice cream.

There are bills to pay and the checkbook to catch up with, and boxes of Christmas stuff to put back up into the attic crawlspace (I'll let Bret take care of that); and school to get back to.  We also need to try to locate an inexpensive used washing machine because mine died on me for the third time, and we are tired of putting money into it.

If I find some some time for myself, I'd like on my writing, which has been my major interest for the last few months.  I try to work on it at least a little every day if I can, usually after rosary in the evening.  I also need to get back into knitting kids are asking for hats and mitts and such, but lately I carry my notebook with me rather than my knitting bag.

Some prayer intentions for this week: Praying the St. Peregrine Novena for several people with cancer, as well as my usual prayers for friends of mine and their families (I hope yours is faring better, Cindy!).  I'm praying for progress on the new house (Bret had to take a break from it to bring some money into our depleted account), and to locate a washing machine before our home is buried in laundry.  I'm also praying that one of our two cows is pregnant (no dollar-store pregnancy tests for bovines), because buying raw milk for a big family is costly.  At least my lovely hens--and they are so friendly they'll try to come into the house--are laying abundantly.

I am grateful for...a good confession with a wonderful priest yesterday; feeling creatively inspired; my terrific husband (all the more terrific because he thinks I'm terrific, too); my friends; my family's health,

Something that makes me smile:  one of dozens of photos I have of Dominic asleep.  I wish I had my camera with me at Mass yesterday--he took a 20 minute nap during the homily!

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  1. Bolognese sauce! Sounds good. Can you share the recipe? (Also, miss having our dairy goats and hens and life on a farm! You are so blessed to have it all!)


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