Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Am I still blogging?

All Hallow's Eve...really dark and blustery...

Whew...I've been having one heck of a time getting to sleep lately, or rather, staying asleep.  If anything wakes me in the middle of the night, I'm up for the next couple of hours.  So I'm short on sleep.  And Bret forgot his phone today, and I needed to contact him.  And the office PC is acting up and blocking the kids' math (no tears shed on their part) and the virus protection shut down, and I am not looking forward to getting onto the support line to talk to someone whose accent makes me seem like I'm going deaf: "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?  Excuse me?  I didn't catch that."  And we are running out of wine...

Frankly, I always find this time of year exceedingly stressful.  There is always the scrounging for Christmas money, some annual bills to pay that always come due in November, a birthday and Thanksgiving only weeks away from Christmas, baking to do, St. Nicholas...it's all too much.  Did I already mention that we're low on wine?

I haven't been knitting lately, but I have been writing.  In fact, I am trying to take my writing a bit more seriously than I have in the past, and am really working at it, doing research, reading books and articles on writing.  It's nice, and it feels good, but it can be a little all-consuming.  It's on my mind most of the time, and that is at least one of the reasons my blog is getting dusty between posts.  I'm not knitting right now--I do miss it--because I have a notebook in the van and am writing in that (not 'on' it--it's an old-fashioned composition book).  Ah, well--'for everything there is a season.'

I've been praying for a number of people lately, and my heart feels enlarged by it.  I feel a blissful interconnection with humanity, and it seems that everyone's joy is my joy, and everyone's suffering is my suffering.  So strange--I spent my teens and twenties so self-absorbed, and here I am now wanting to enfold the human race in my arms and embrace it, soothe it, coddle it, make love to it.  And no, I haven't yet had my daily ration of wine, so I'm not loaded.  Anyway, if you are reading this, considered yourself hugged.


  1. JMJ

    Are you sure you haven't had that wine yet! Love you and I can really use that hug right now so thanks. Things are good so far, I'll write an e-mail as soon as I get more time.

    Love and prayers,
    Cindy AKA Grandma

  2. sounds like maybe you need to make sure there is enough wine in the house in november. LOL ((hugs)) i have been having similar sleep issues. not enough sleep is a killer that is for sure.
    here is to smoother sailing the rest of the month!

  3. Yeah, well, I'll take that hug... I could use it! :) Always happy when you post and so thankful I can call you my friend. Happy Wednesday! +JMJ+

  4. You got me chuckling. And wanting to capture the blustery wind too.

    Consider yourself hugged back...

  5. Clearly you are still blogging, as this is a blog post! Hooray!
    I can so relate to your experiences with tech support from whoknowswhere. It seems like our internet is always going out and I am the one on the phone for hours saying, 'pardon me?' over and over again.
    It's so gorgeous where you live! Your header is breathtaking with your lovely bovine.
    And I love that writing 'in' a notebook, not 'on'. Folks here write in notebooks too!
    (goodness, I must have come back and read this post like three times and am just now getting to comment - hope by now your supply of the fruit of the vine has been restored!)


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