Friday, September 27, 2013

Where did this week go?

photo credit: Una

We've been going like gangbusters over here getting things ready for a 2 month visit from Bret's mother, and the week has flown by.  We have moved the big boys out of their room and into the larger room with the little boys, so now there are two bunk beds, two dressers and two bookcases in there.  Fortunately, the room was formerly the parlor, and so even with all that in there, there is still some floor space for play.  They've been rooming together for two days and two nights, and no blood's been shed so far.  The vacant bedroom is getting a new bed for my mother in law, and Bret has refinished an old dresser.  Still need a night stand...

With all of this going on, and Bret's mom due here in 10 days, you'd think that I would avoid doing anything to add to the crazy around here.  But no...we are planning our first overnight away as a family in years.  The reason is, both cows are out to be bred, and Fiona was drying off, so with only chickens and cats left to feed, it seemed the best time to go away.  So expect some photos towards the end of next week...

School has been going pretty well, with most of our work getting done most of the time.  Sebastian is really enjoying German, and Una is in her Sophomore year and so far seems to be doing well, although she becomes a bundle of nerves when she thinks about the PSAT in a few weeks.

That's another thing: she had a horrible week a while back, suffering from anxiety, exhaustion, and daily headaches and stomach pain.  I started giving her moringa along with her regular supplements and making her drink lots of water, and I greatly reduced her carb intake (she always went for the carbs when hungry) and she's feeling great now, well enough that we are going to see about reducing the guaifenesin she's been taking for her fibromyalgia symptoms.  I may even wean her off of the guai if she does well.  She is also doing stretches daily, and is much more flexible and pain free that she's been in years.

Looking forward to cooler days!

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  1. I've been praying for Una often... even tonight while at the Vigil. Enjoy your trip away from home! Love and prayers! +JMJ+


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