Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gemma Eliana is four!

I've been lazy about getting photos up of Gemma's birthday on Sunday, but here they finally are!  Since my pretty cakes with butter cream frosting are almost always too sweet for the family, I decided to do a yellow vanilla cake with whipped cream and berries, and it went over very well.  The candles were hand-dipped beeswax, left over from Sebastian's birthday, when he dipped his own birthday candles.

       I made that birthday crown for her second birthday.  It makes me teary to compare the photos from              two years ago.  The little ones become big ones so quickly!  In the last couple of weeks she has learned to pedal her tricycle, swing herself on the swing and whistle!

      My main gift to her was a doll outfit for her boy doll, William: a shirt, jeans, cardigan, hat and booties.

      Bret's gift to her beat all.  I showed him some pictures and gave him some ideas, and he did the rest.  I           don't know if he can ever top this one.  It is absolutely awesome!

      Along with the play dishes from Gemma's auntie and Oma, the thing is irresistible, even to the boys!  She      also got a bath toy from a dear friend in North Carolina and I made her a pair of pajama bottoms and a  skirt as well.

     I can't believe she's four!

    We are all crazy about you, Gemma--you bring such light and sparkle into our home!  


  1. Wow, wow, and wow! Bret is so talented! What a wonderful b-day for your sweet girl! I am in awe! May God bless Gemma always (she will pass these wonderful gifts onto her own children someday).


  2. JMJ

    Happy late B-day to Gemma, I meant to send something before I left last week. Looks like she had a great day. I love the kitchen set! You did a great job on the outfit too!

    Love and prayers,

  3. Happy Birthday, dear sweet Gemma! I love her crown and your dolly clothes are so handsome. The cake looks wonderful too - so summery. And that kitchen! Truly spectacular! A real dream kitchen! You are all so blessed by Bret's talents. It's so beautiful!


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