Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photos from Gemma Eliana's second birthday

You will have to bear with me and my way-too-many photos, but this is the last time I will have a two year-old's birthday to celebrate.  It is a bittersweet feeling.

The party was meant to be an after-nap-time affair, but Bret took longer getting back from a job than he thought he would, and we ended up having birthday cake for dinner and snacking around in the evening.

A three-layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I reduced the sugar by a quarter and it was still too sweet for my taste, but the majority found it quite good.

A special gift from a special friend--a St. Gemma Galgani pendant and chain.

We celebrated in the school room because my camera takes lousy indoor shots when the lighting is poor.  The schoolroom and adjoining workroom are the only rooms with plenty of windows.

We had Gemma open her birthday crown first.  She wore it until bedtime.  I think I will make her a crown for play, and put this one away for special celebrations.

A bracelet made by Adrian.

Some new board books.

A wonderful gift from her aunt, wooden lacing beads.  She played with these while we prayed the rosary in the evening, at least when she and Dominic weren't fighting over them.

Her favorite gift:  Una's old doll, Abbie Rose (named for a little--well, she's big now--girl we knew when we lived in Charlotte).  Gemma really didn't like the baby's matching crown until she saw herself with the baby in the mirror.  I think I'll be making some doll clothes for Christmas...

Her main gift was this high chair 
Bret made of pine.  

It's really nice.  

These are two more books she received, because she really loves her books.  When Dominic was two, he was still chewing the corners off the books, like a puppy.  Dominic.  Domini Canus.  God's dog.

It was a good birthday.

And just in case you haven't seen enough of this girl, here are posts about her home-birth and about her first birthday.


  1. These photos are so precious and show such joy and love. Thanks for sharing them.

    God bless her! Has it been 2 years already???!

  2. What a beautiful cake and little girl. How fast they grow.

  3. Oh, the look on her face when you are putting the cake in front of her! Beautiful cake. I love her crown and the matching one for her baby. And, the high chair is just beautiful. My husband used to like to work with wood. Nothing fancy... some end tables, a dresser... but it has been many years since he has done anything like that. May God bless Gemma always! +JMJ+

  4. A beautiful celebration... the picture of Gemma's face when she saw the cake is absolute treasure!! Happy Birth Day to her, and to you, mama!

  5. Such beautiful gifts for such a sweet, beautiful girl! Looks like you had a fabulous celebration. Two is so very wonderful.

  6. Happy birthday sweet Gemma! Looks like she had a beautiful day. Jacinta


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