Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dust thou art...

I'll begin by saying that I don't really feel up to the season of penance.  Does anyone really feel up to it, you may ask, and my answer is yes, as there have been Lents where I actually looked forward to this period of self-denial and focus on God's will and the Four Last Things.  Of course, I came into the Church at 33 years of age, and like most converts felt a zeal that is perhaps less prevalent among those raised in the faith.

But this year I feel as though Lent has been ongoing.  Una's struggles with her fibromyalgia, financial concerns, the construction of the new house at a standstill, unexpected expenses and some aggravating annoyances (both my debit cards being fraudulently used within three weeks--and I don't even use them all that frequently!)...God has carried me through all of it, and I continue to humbly accept His will, but my, I certainly don't feel like adding anything to what He has already given!

And yet, I will.  I will try to add to my spiritual reading, refrain from sweets and alcohol, drink my coffee black and do the Stations of the Cross every Friday.  I'll try to give when I feel stingy, be patient when I feel irritable, and bite my tongue when I feel like griping.  That last one is a big one for me, I am sorry to say.

And as I do every year, I will close comments on my blog.  Ouch.  If you need to ask me something or get in touch, please use my email.  I'm not becoming a hermit for Lent, just avoiding the nice ego strokes I get from this blog!

If you are still a bit confused about the rules for fasting and abstinence for Lent and throughout the year, here is a handy chart at