Thursday, February 14, 2013

A quiet start

We've had a relatively quiet start to Lent this year.  Unable to make it to Mass for Ash Wednesday, I was at least able to make a few preparations at home.  Having more readers in the house this year made it necessary to print up and make a few more Stations of the Cross booklets.  I can no longer find the ones I printed out (I saved them on my computer), but these are nearly the same, having only different illustrations).  During Lent every year, we replace our family rosary with the Stations on Fridays.  We have them put up throughout the house, and we process around, praying the prayers and singing the Stabat Mater.  The kids really enjoy the change of routine, and I must say that I really love it, too.

I also set out the beans for our little mortifications and acts of charity.  The beans will "transform" into jelly beans at Easter.  We don't do much candy here anymore, so jelly beans will be special.  It's a nice way of illustrating that God will never be outdone in generosity, and that the little things we do for Him are never overlooked but repaid many times over.

Today, the weather being mild and sunny, we took a short walk.  At first it was only Adrian, Gemma and myself.  Then Gabriel appeared.  Then Sebastian.  Una stayed home with Dominic, who was still napping.  It was a nice leisurely walk, and I came home feeling refreshed.

I had intended to do a post on some herbal remedies I've been using to treat a few colds we've had in recent days, but that will have to wait a bit longer.